Yasra Chandio

Graduate Research Assistant @ UMass Amherst
Email: ychandio@umass.edu

I am Yasra, a PhD student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst working with Prof. Fatima M. Anwar in the area of networked embedded systems. Currently, I seek to understand the fundamental problems in Mixed Reality (MR) platforms and devices that can potentially cause physical or cognitive discomfort for a user. I am particularly interested in (1) exploring stealthy attack surfaces in MR that a malicious entity can leverage to incur physical harm and (2) quantifying the cognitive safety of a user when immersiveness is hindered by an error in the system itself and/or disturbed by a malicious entity.

Prior to that, I received my MS in Computer Science from Binghamton University (State University of New York). During my time at Binghamton University, I worked with Prof. Guanhua Yan in the area of LTE and 5G security. I also worked in the smart grids domain in collaboration with Prof. Aditya Mishra , which resulted in a publication at IEEE IGSC. Prior to relocating to the USA, I was at LUMS working on designing IoT systems for energy-efficient built environments, data analytics, with Prof. Hamad Alizai.

I am also a proud Computing Research Association Education (CRA-E) graduate fellow. I will serve on the committee for next two years to promote Computing Research in North America. As I prepare for my post-PhD life as an academic, I value mentorship as an important skill. Over the years, I have served different roles of mentors as teaching assistant, guest lecturer, research mentor, K-12 engineering workshop instructor and organizer, and UMASS Turing Summer Program instructor. Throughtout my academic career I have actively sought out mentorship and community volunteer opportunities. I was a student scholar at Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) in 2019, Grad Cohort for Women by CRA in 2021 and 2022, N2Women, and Google CSRMP in 2021. In addition to mentoring, I have beeen part of competitive reviewing committees including SenSys Shadow Program'22 , EuroSys Shadow Program'22, VR/AR/MR track GHC'21, and Extended Reality track GHC'22.

In my free time, I love to read books, cook food from different cuisines, and bake bread.

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I have been involved in several projects particularly in the field of networked embedded systems, mixed reality, and security. Some of these projects include:

Ongoing Projects




Sorry! Due to ongoing work, source code for the projects cannot be made public at this point. Prospective employers can request direct access to the code at chandioyasra@gmail.com


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